How to Style a Bed for the Ultimate Sleep Experience

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It’s a well-known fact that the bedroom is your sanctuary. But did you know that your bed is your altar?

Charged with your personal energy, your bed represents the gateway to the rejuvenating state of sleep and the magical world of dreams. It also marks your waking state and helps you set your mood right for the day.

That’s why it’s important to consider every element of your bed, from the headboard to the bedlinen. Here is how to style your bed like an interior designer to invite more tranquil energy and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Ground yourself with the right headboard

One of the most important principles in bedroom feng shui is placing your bed diagonally across from the door and definitely not below a window. This is so that you feel safe and protected while sleeping. Your choice of headboard supports this grounding energy too.

The headboard represents your foundation in life. For grounding and stability, go for a solid wooden one, as wood symbolises your connection with your roots and is also associated with vitality and strength.

The headboard is also your chance to make a design statement in your bedroom. There are some really eye-catching designs and shapes that can add character to your space and make your luxury linen bedding stand out.

It’s all about the bedding

Since we mentioned the bedding, this is the time to emphasise its importance not just because of its gentle embrace and functionality but also because of its style-defining qualities.

Let there be colour

When deciding on the colour scheme for your bedroom, start with the bedding. It will determine the vibe you’re going for and will help you decide on the rest of the interior design. Because, remember, your bed is the focal point of your bedroom.

What is the atmosphere that you want to create? If you’re going for a calm, sanctuary-like ambience, a pure white linen bed bundle will create a restful, natural-looking environment. Cool grey linen bedding gives off a more stylish and composed vibe, while super-pale pink linen bedding has a feminine touch to it and will tend to your beautiful soul. If you are in love with the sea, a linen bedding bundle in nautical blue will transport you to an island paradise with its casual and coastal feel.

Make sure that your bedding matches your headboard and bed frame for a more cohesive look. You can even match them with cute alpaca socks for the ultimate stylish bedroom experience.

Cloud-like softness

Generally, linen creates a very relaxed and natural look due to being derived directly from nature and because of its wrinkles. It’s often used as a core element in the biophilic design principle, which brings the outdoors inside through lots of greenery and natural textures and materials. Biophilia has been trending for the past few years and is popular both in home and commercial spaces.

The reason why so many people are choosing linen is its amazing temperature-regulating properties that keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s also moisture-wicking, sustainable, and incredibly durable. But it’s also a preferred interior design bedding material due to its luxurious look and cloud-like softness achieved through stone washing.

A throw, cushions, and pillows

After you’ve established the base, it’s time to have some fun with colour and layers. Pillows, throws, and cushions enter the bedroom picture in style!

If you’re wondering how to style a throw, pillows, and cushions, colour-match them with the rest of your bedroom to make the theme pop out. After that, all you need to remember is that it’s all about the textures.

A statement throw, for example, can really tie the whole bed together. Pick the best throw depending on the seasons: winter calls for a cosy blanket, while a cotton throw would be ideal for the summer. It’s also important to consider how it lies across the bed. For a more relaxed look, a knitted blanket will gracefully drape over the sides, while a stiffer throw can be nicely folded at the end of the bed for a neater look.

Pillows and cushions are also essential, as they add depth and give you the most room to play around with. You can yet again go for different textures depending on the season, with pillows dressed in more natural materials, such as linen pillowcases, and cushions featuring intricate textures, such as velvet

If you’re wondering whether to put them around the bed, take a look at what five-star hotels are doing: they’re placing them above the duvet. Of course, you can have whatever arrangement your heart desires.

Styling your bed is your chance to channel your inner interior designer and recreate the sanctuary of your dreams in your bedroom space. Say hello to nights of magical sleep!

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