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Linen Duvet Covers

Soft and naturally stylish pure linen duvet covers for a relaxed lived-in look and feel.
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Want to know more about linen duvet covers?

How to put on a duvet cover

A bed isn’t made until the duvet cover is on correctly. You want comfort when you lie down at the end of the day, and this starts with a perfectly made bed.

To achieve a perfectly straight duvet cover, you will first want to turn the Cowberry linen duvet cover inside out so that the inside seams are on the outside. Placing your hands inside the cover so that they are holding the sewn-closed corners up, grab the corresponding corners of your duvet. At this point, the cover should be bunched around your forearms.

You can then shake the length of the cover over the duvet. Placing the furthermost corners of the duvet inside the cover, grab and shake it again to make sure each corner of the duvet is aligned.

This should leave you with a duvet cover with all corners properly aligned – ready to dive into.

What is a linen duvet cover?

A linen duvet is a high-quality material, and at Cowberry, we specialise in bedding which makes it easy to get a good night’s rest.

Want to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud? Linen is a 100% natural, breathable fabric which offers a gentle sleep – perfect for the rest and repair you need.

The ideal material for all seasons, linen’s temperature control qualities mean that you can stay warm during the winter and cool during summer.

And it is the perfect addition to spruce up your décor. Linen adds texture to any bedroom, and the luxury of a pure white cover begs you to make your bed and lie in it. Mix and match alongside Cowberry’s linen pillowcases to add a touch of colour and elegance to any bed.

How to stop the duvet from slipping in the cover

Have you ever woken up cold from the duvet sliding away from you within the cover? Slips and bunching can occur when the cover is the wrong size for the duvet.

Making sure the cover is neither too large nor small for the duvet can help solve this issue from the offset.

However, if you are still having issues with the duvet moving around inside the cover, you can try tying loops into the inner corners. These can hold the corners of your duvet in their correct position no matter how you turn in the night, leaving you with a perfectly covered duvet.

What size is a king-size duvet cover?

A king-size duvet is 230cm in width by 220cm in length.

What size is a single duvet cover?

A single duvet cover is 140cm in width by 200cm in length.

What size is a double duvet cover?

A double duvet cover is 200cm in width by 200cm in length.

What size is a super-king duvet cover?

A super-king-size duvet cover is 260cm in width by 220cm in length.

How do you wash a linen duvet cover?

Linen is gentle to you, so you must be gentle to it. Aim to wash it once a week, as you would any other bedding. As it softens with every wash, you don’t have to worry about using fabric softener – instead, let linen’s natural properties shine.

Make sure you wash it on a medium to cool wash to prevent the fabric from shrinking.

While linen prevents you from getting wrinkles, it is prone to them itself; to reduce the chance of this, wash your Cowberry linen bedding at a slow speed for a short amount of time. The longer the cycle time, and the quicker the speed of the drum, the more likely the duvet cover will wrinkle.

If you prefer to hand-wash your linen, do so without rubbing too hard on the fabric. Aim for medium to cool water, just as you would with a washing machine.

Also, avoid any bleaching products as this can harm your product. Linen bedding is colourfast, so you can trust that the quality of your bedding will remain the same (if not better!) no matter the number of washes.

How to get wrinkles out of a duvet cover

Linen’s natural creases are beautiful and add texture to your room and here at Cowberry we aim to “embrace the wrinkle”. However, if you prefer your bedding without the extra wrinkles, here are some simple steps to get rid of them.

While the cover is still damp, you can iron out wrinkles. Steam is your best friend here, so make sure you have your iron set to the steam setting. Without steam, you run the risk of burning your linen.

Or, for an effortless way to improve the look of your linen, you can put recently washed towels into a high heat tumble dry. Remove them when they are hot and damp still. Place them over your linen cover and leave them to cool – this can help remove wrinkles without having to remake your bed!

How often should you change your duvet cover?

For good sleep hygiene, you should be changing your bedding regularly.

Duvet covers accumulate dirt and sweat throughout the night. From the air pollutants that cling to our clothing to the natural oils from our hair and skin, grime can build up quickly.

Linen is naturally dust repellent and anti-static, meaning that it stays clean longer than your traditional cotton beddings. However, to keep your bedding fresh, clean, and comfortable, it is recommended that you change your duvet cover every week.

However, for those with skin conditions such as eczema, it is worth changing your duvet cover more regularly to avoid irritation occurring.

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