1. CB 2 Pillow Hero

Organic Wool Pillow

NEW: Taking pillows to a whole new level our organic wool duvet & pillow collection is crafted from 100% natural materials, filled with traceable British wool and an GOTs certified organic cotton shell. Temperature regulating, hypoallergenic these super soft pillows is like sleeping on a cloud.


The Details

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Sleep in the worlds finest natural materials
2. Wool roll 1080 x 1080

Sleep in the worlds finest natural materials

Great British Bedding

Our duvets and pillows are filled with pure organic wool sourced from the best farms in Scotland encased in GOTS certified organic cotton and finished in the UK. Full of natural goodness you once dreamed of sleeping under.

The Wonder Of Wool

Like linen, wool helps regulate your body temperature while you sleep so you stay cool in warmer nights and cosy in colder nights with the ability to wick moisture away for hot sleepers and those who get night sweats.

Good for you and our planet

It just does't get much more eco friendly and sustainable than organic traceable wool. Good for you, good for the environment. Win, Win!